Car loan despite credit – even with higher debts

If you compare very relaxed, even in the subjectively difficult case, the comparison shows suitable solutions. Incidentally, you submit your application without any obligation – TÜV tested without risk.

Car loan despite credit situation

Car loan despite credit situation

Anyone interested in a car loan can look at a few options. Due to the usable security of a car, the bank automatically has additional credit security.

The customer simply deposits the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part II) for the duration of the loan. A comprehensive insurance is also taken out, which the customer can prove to the bank. The credit conditions determine whether the comprehensive insurance is mandatory. Most providers require at least the vehicle’s security over the car loan despite the loan.

Because if there is now a credit default, the customer can no longer pay the installments, the bank has a “pledge”. She pulls in the vehicle and sells it. The sales proceeds are then used to settle the loan.

With the associated restrictions, practically every driver can live well. Basically only the vehicle letter letter is missing in the folder, also:

  • no vehicle sale without the approval of the bank
  • Registration and deregistration are a bit more bureaucratic – (annoying for seasonal vehicles)

Otherwise, the vehicle can be used as normal.

Car loan despite credit – what financing?

Car loan despite credit - what financing?

The car buyer has the option of financing his car using different models. There is the installment loan at the bank.

Car loan despite credit – available in just 3 days

The advantage of this is that this means constant monthly installments. The interest rate level also remains stable. This gives the borrower good predictability of their finances. But a dedicated car loan, from the bank or car bank, is also an option.

However, the loan is then assigned to a purpose.


Dedicated auto loan connected online opens up alternatives. Most lenders allow the cheap, dedicated loan to be linked to debt restructuring. The vehicle registration document is also deposited with the bank as additional security. The disadvantage is that the borrower is not allowed to sell the car without the bank’s consent. The loan must first be paid. Financing through the car dealer is also an option.

The 0% financing in particular leads many customers to agree to this loan. The advantage is that car dealerships practically provide the credit they need. The disadvantage of possible cash discount discounts is lost. With an average 30 percent discount for cash payers, that’s a lot of money.

Car Loan Despite Credit – Loan from the bank

Car Loan Despite Credit - Loan from the bank

As already mentioned, the bank does not care how many loans the customer has to service. If he proves the necessary creditworthiness, there are only limited limits.

With an online installment loan or a dedicated loan, the borrower can negotiate huge discounts with the dealer. If he opts for the loan from the direct bank, the availability of the money is even very quick.

On top of that, the required loan amount is reduced by the discount. This has an advantageous effect on car loans despite a loan:

  • the interest rate
  • the period
  • and the rates

out. A car loan from a direct bank is also proven to be really cheap.

Car Loan Despite Credit – Loan Comparison

Car Loan Despite Credit - Loan Comparison

Before making a loan decision, it is worth comparing. A free online credit comparison provides a quick overview. In addition, some loan offers are only accessible at the conditions shown, via the chosen comparison. For a precise comparison of certain offers, it is advisable to open the product details.

The house bank cannot be excluded from the comparison of car loans despite credit. With the online offer in hand, it is definitely worth negotiating.

Nevertheless, the direct bank usually wins the competition for the cheapest loan offer. Incidentally, online banks, even in a very straightforward manner, grant car loans with individual desired rates. Simply play once with the term until the rate corresponds to the desired rate. But do not finance at a low rate, otherwise compound interest will make the loan more expensive.

It is also important to check the special conditions. For example, not every bank offers an installment break. Whether you use it or not. It is important to know that there is a simple solution to a temporary financial bottleneck – by means of an installment break.

Car loan despite credit – additional collateral

Car loan despite credit - additional collateral

If the credit rating is not entirely satisfactory, the bank expects additional loan collateral. This can be a property that belongs to the customer. But also a loanable savings system, such as a building society contract. Likewise, a guarantor or a co-applicant increases the credit opportunities. However, these individuals must demonstrate acceptable solvency. In addition, each co-owner must be able to pay an additional rate in addition to their own liabilities.

The scenario occurs when the borrower fails to meet his payment obligation. Residual debt insurance can also secure the loan.

The insurance company joins:

  • unemployment
  • long illness
  • disability
  • in the event of death

In general, however, these insurances increase the cost of a loan enormously. The premiums are added to the loan amount, the customer pays significantly more.

It is usually better to hire an independent insurer.

Car loan despite credit – rejected now?

Car loan despite credit - rejected now?

Banks want security when they grant a loan. In addition to a decent income, the job must have been in place for six months. The employment contract may not be limited in time and may not include a trial period. The income is above the garnishment exemption limit.

This limit moves further up the more people depend on income. In the case of a single person, that would be around $ 1,140 net per month.

If there are two more people living in the household, the net income is around 1950 USD. By the way, parental allowance, child benefit or child support payments are not included in the car loan despite the loan. Because, social benefits of the state are attachable. The credit bureau is also important.

If it has negative entries, it becomes really difficult. But there is no use in hiding the credit bureau entry. Banks first ask credit bureau for each loan application. If this is debited, every regular bank rejects the loan.

Car Loan Despite Credit – Loan from Abroad

Car Loan Despite Credit - Loan from Abroad

Customers who have a bad credit bureau, there is an urgent need for credit, could use credit bureau-free credit from abroad. This loan is usually mediated through a credit agency. It is important to ensure that the mediation works seriously. Under no circumstances pay upfront costs or take out any insurance.

Incidentally, the bank only secures approved car loans despite a loan without credit bureau through a transfer of income. Therefore, an existing assignment, as well as an existing garnishment of wages, excludes from credit bureau-free solutions.

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